2019 Paint for Preservation Artist Samples

Paint for Preservation 2019

12th Annual Wet Paint Auction Benefit

Samples from Participating Artists

Olena Babak
“Dancing Light”


Charles Fenner Ball
“Morning on the Bay”


Ken DeWaard
“Evening at the Farm”


Marsha H. Donahue
“Chasm to the Surf”


Mike Dorsey
“The Reverie”


Carol L. Douglas
“Electric Glide”


Cooper Dragonette
“Surf at Sunset”


Erin McGee Ferrell
“Zeb Cove”


Margaret Gerding
“Kennebunkport View”


Lindsay Hancock
“Little Cranberry Boathouse”


Alison Hill


Jill Hoy
“Strawberry Point”


Anne Ireland


John Knight
“Two Paths at Gilsland”


Marguerite Lawler


Janet Ledoux
“Ravens Nest”


Nathaniel Meyer


James Mullen
“Trundy Point”


John David O’Shaughnessy
“Kittery Tidal Shift”


Colin Page
“Reflective Moments”


Holly Ready
“Marsh, Winding Way”


Bjorn Runquist
“Fog in Friendship”


Matthew Russ
“Richmond Island from the Northeast #3”


John Santoro
“Rocks Martins Point II”


Lou Schellenberg
“Cape Elizabeth”


Caleb Stone
“Hill Crest Farm in Autumn”


Judy Taylor
“Acadia Shore”


Charles Thompson


Michael Vermette
“Surf At Two Lights, Cape Elizabeth, Maine”


Graham Wood
“John Cove with Richmond Island”

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