The Oak Society



The Oak Society of the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust provides donors the opportunity to establish enduring personal legacies for generations to come – continuing to protect strategically important lands cherished by our community, fostering diligent stewardship of conserved parcels, and educating this and future generations about the value of Cape Elizabeth’s natural treasures. It is an opportunity to preserve the character of Cape Elizabeth forever.


Oak Society sterling silver pin locally made by Lisa Gent Handcrafted Jewelry

The Oak Society, established in 2014, is comprised of individuals and families who have chosen to support the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust by naming CELT as a beneficiary of their estate plans, by selecting CELT as a beneficiary of various tax-advantaged lifetime planned giving options, or by making a substantial contribution to CELT’s General Endowment Fund.  Support from Oak Society members plays an integral role in providing the necessary financial resources to acquire and preserve strategic lands, and to ensure that the lands protected by the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust today will be cared for in perpetuity.

Phyllis and Bruce Coggeshall, Oak Society Members.
“We are happy to include the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust in our estate planning to ensure that it will continue its good work keeping Cape Elizabeth the beautiful town it is.”

Since its founding in 1985, CELT has preserved over 680 acres, which offer the opportunity for quiet reflection and recreation, and provide protection for our most spectacular natural areas. Over the course of a single generation, CELT’s local land preservation efforts have permanently preserved many of the iconic forests, farmlands, marshes, shoreline and trails that will continue to be treasured by local residents and visitors for generations to come. Your support will have a lasting impact on preserving Cape Elizabeth’s natural beauty.

With an eye on the future, CELT is committed to fostering an appreciation for the important role these lands play in our daily lives. Through our land management programs and our education programs in local schools, we are cultivating a new generation of land stewards to continue caring for these natural treasures. Your support will help develop and engage future conservationists.

Local conservation lands will become ever more important to local communities and wildlife in the future, providing resilience for natural systems and offering increasingly rare opportunities for unstructured outdoor activities. Your support will help build community connections, protect wildlife, and allow future generations to experience the enjoyment of nature.



 Please consider becoming a member of the Oak Society today.

Your gift of support will assure a better tomorrow.

To learn more, please contact Cindy Krum, Executive Director

Call 207.767.6054 or e-mail


Oak Society Member Evelyn Landry, CELT Volunteer

“I moved back to Maine in 2007 after many years of living in large urban cities. I was looking for a place that offered easy access to the outdoors for activities that are important to me–walking, cycling and kayaking. Cape Elizabeth has provided all of this and much more. The Cape Elizabeth Land Trust’s stewardship of the land is one of the many reasons I love living here. I am committed to finding ways to ensure that land conservation continues and have included CELT in my will.”

Evelyn Landry