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CELT Office Temporarily Relocated to 1231 Shore Road

If you have stopped by the CELT office recently, you have seen signs that the office is closed for maintenance. Although the discovery of a water leak in one of the walls prompted the initial investigation, several specialists have now found significant mold in the walls of the building. In order to be most protective of the health of our staff and visitors, we have vacated the office and found temporary space at 1231 Shore Road.

Now that we know the extent of the damage, a committee of the Board is considering the best way to address the issue. Although the current building layout served us well for the past 12 years, we now have the opportunity to determine if our needs have changed over time, and how to best serve our community. Even though remediation is possible, we are looking at all options. Please stay tuned — we will keep you informed as the board makes a decision.

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