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Why CELT Matters

Photo by Ed Gilman

Why CELT Matters

Cape Elizabeth is a special place. Just a few miles from the state’s biggest city, it retains a rural character that is increasingly rare in Southern Maine. Wide swaths of undeveloped land house working farms and offer miles of unspoiled trails through woodlands, fields, and coastline.

CELT is instrumental in the effort to conserve the town’s precious natural resources and connect people with them. We enrich our community by:

  • providing maintained spaces for free recreation that are available close to home, which helps residents and visitors lead healthier lifestyles
  • protecting plant and animal habitats, which contributes to biodiversity
  • ensuring the preservation of farmland, which contributes to the local food economy
  • educating the public about the importance of natural resources, which encourages caring for the lands
  • preserving scenic beauty in perpetuity for all to enjoy, which enhances the overall quality of life

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