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Let’s Go Gnome Around: A Project by the Cape Elizabeth Fifth Grade

On Tuesday, June 11th, Cape Elizabeth fifth graders created “Gnome Villages” throughout town. The 5th Graders have been working collaboratively with the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust, Friends of Fort Williams, Cape Elizabeth Education Foundation, and the CEMS Art teacher to bring a magical experience to a few walking trails in Cape Elizabeth. Partners built gnome houses which are now nestled amidst the trees on these trails. They each created a uniquely named gnome out of clay which lives in the gnome house. Also inside the ‘gnome home’ is a QR code on the door. Once scanned, visitors will be able to read a story or poem about their gnome written by the 5th grader who built that particular gnome and house.

Construction, crafting, and writing all took place during the Cape Elizabeth Middle School’s “Screen Free Week”. CELT presented to each class about the different habitats around Cape Elizabeth and what a creature- or gnome- might need to survive.

Visitors to the trails can download/print or pick up a punch pass at CELT’s office, the Lumbery, and possibly other spots around town. This will provide visitors a map of the trail with the various locations of gnome homes. Visitors can use the unique-shaped paper punches found inside each gnome home on the punch pass. Click here to get the Gnome Trail Maps and start your adventures.

We are excited to support the Cape Elizabeth School District, as well as friends, families, and adventurers alike to get out on the trails this summer and check out this project. We kindly ask that the public respects the creations of the students and the land that the gnomes are on. This project has been expressly authorized by the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust on our preserves, please do not add or modify the gnome village in any way. If you notice any damage to the homes, please let us know by emailing info@capelandtrust.org.

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