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Other Conserved Lands

Other Conserved Lands

Founded in 1985, the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust began the way many land trusts did, with the donation of private lands from local residents. Of the more than 842 acres of CELT owned and managed land, approximately 84 acres make up 13 small parcels of donated fee and easement land. Please note, these areas are not available for public access.

The properties range in size from less than 1 acre to about 30 acres. They are scattered across Cape Elizabeth and include wetland forests along Spurwink Avenue, wave battered coves tucked into the coast, and vibrant saltmarsh bordering Trout Brook. These donated lands provide areas of permanent protection for native wildlife habitat.

Many protected properties in Cape Elizabeth, including these donated lands, contain vernal pools. These seasonal wetlands provide essential habitat for woodland amphibians such as blue spotted salamanders and fairy shrimp. Protected woodlands in Cape Elizabeth also provide habitat for common New England mammals, including deer, fox, coyote, porcupine, raccoon, squirrel, muskrat and beaver. Protection from residential and commercial development provides dependable nesting and foraging sites for these species.

Learn more about how you can help protect critical habitats by donating your land.

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