Cape Elizabeth Land Trust (CELT)


43.604120, -70.254886


This property can be accessed from connecting trails at Cross Hill.

There are multiple entrances to the Cross Hill network of trails from Tiger Lily Ln, Steeplebush Rd, Leighton Farm Rd, Wells Rd, Cross Hill Rd, and Hawthorne Rd. There are also trail connectors from Winnick Woods, Dyer Hutchinson, and Eastman Meadow.

See Town Greenbelt Trails Map for more detail.


This parcel has a 0.5 mile loop of wide carriage trails, soon to be open for public use.

The Davis Parcel is a 15.41 acre property of wooded upland and wetland. It has rich biodiversity including American Beech, Big-leaf Aster, Purple-Flowered Raspberry, and Trailing Arbutus.


  • Stay on marked trails
  • Respect adjacent private properties
  • No motorized vehicles, fires, camping, or illegal activities onsite
  • Public access from sunrise to sunset

*Notice for Dog Owners

  • Pick up and carry out all dog waste
  • Dogs must be in sight and under control; on leash as needed to do so

Date Protected

December 7, 2022