Cape Elizabeth Land Trust (CELT)


Off of Old Ocean House Road right next to the turn for Trundy Road. Get directions to this trail.


Access to the trailhead is directly of off Old Ocean Road as well as from the field behind the house. Parking is available at several areas inside the property along the dirt road loop.


This 24-acre property contains fields, forests and woodland border, providing habitat, forage and shelter for native plants and animals. The forested area contains a mix of hardwood and evergreen trees including red and white oak, birch, black spruce, white pine, red maple, and more. There are also many well-established native plants, wildflowers, and saplings. The field area is buffered from the forest by taller grasses and shrubs, with most of the upper fields still in agricultural use. Several fruit trees are scattered throughout the field.  The lower fields have some woody vegetation, providing habitat and cover for birds and mammals. The protected property was historically a farm and orchard and was restored to commercial and nonprofit agricultural use for a variety of field crops.





Please cherish and help care for this natural preserve. Limit trail use to daytime hours only. Carry out all waste and stay on marked trails.

Please, no:

  • foraging
  • commercial use of property
  • motorized vehicles
  • fires and camping
  • hunting
  • alcoholic beverages and illegal substances

*Notice for Dog Owners

Please keep dogs within sight at all times and remove all dog waste. Please keep dogs out of sensitive habitat areas. No commercial dog walking at any time. Reminder: Maine Law requires dog license and rabies tag on collar at all times.

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