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Managing for Monarch Habitat

In this second video installment for our monarch series, we spoke with Derrick Daly, head gardener at Inn by the Sea, about managing property and gardens with an eye on supporting native species and pollinators.

There are many things you can do to support pollinators in your own backyard. One of the simplest strategies is to avoid cutting down plants that are in bloom. For example, allowing your lawn to grow longer in the spring between mowings allows plants like clover to bloom and support bees.

If you have a garden, consider planting species that are native to Maine. There are a number of great resources, including Maine Audubon’s Native Plant Finder, that can help you identify attractive plants that also support wildlife. Many more resources are available through the state’s YardScaping program.

Last, consider reducing or eliminating the use of pesticides in your yard. Whether they are organic or synthetic, these chemicals can have immense impacts on both wildlife in your backyard and wildlife downstream in your watershed. Friends of Casco Bay has great resources on understanding and reducing the impacts of pesticides in our communities.

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