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Monarch Month Bingo!


What is a life cycle?

A life cycle is a series of changes in the life of an organism. The monarch’s life cycle starts with an egg, which changes into a caterpillar, which forms a chrysalis to change into a butterfly.

Photo by Used with permission.

How can I help monarchs from your own backyard?

Monarch Waystations are locations all over the country that provide food and shelter to monarchs. Your backyard could be next! Click here to learn more.

Why can’t we just breed more monarchs?

Over the years, many people have tried raising monarchs themselves, either by ordering kits through the mail or taking eggs from the wild and sheltering them indoors. Unfortunately, these monarchs don’t really do much to help restore the population. Click here to learn more.

Who researches monarchs? How do scientists track monarchs?

A lot of the work is done by volunteers through the Monarch Watch program. Each year, the tag and track thousands of monarchs on the migration to Mexico. Click here to learn more. 

What happens when monarchs leave? Where do they migrate to?

Monarchs make an annual journey down to Mexico, where they hibernate for the winter before heading back to the US in the spring. Click here to learn more.

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