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Turkey Hill Farm Donated to CELT

We’re very excited to announce that Turkey Hill Farm was donated to CELT as a bequest from Peter Eastman, who passed away this past fall.

Peter lived at Turkey Hill Farm nearly all his life. His parents bought the farm as a summer place in the 1920s and employed “40-yolk of oxen” to drag a fisherman’s cottage from the shore to its current location on the 25-acre property. In the Great Depression, the barn in the home was converted to a tearoom and gift shop in order to sustain it. At one point, when his parents spoke of selling the farm, Peter insisted, “Don’t sell my roots from under me,” and fortunately, his parents heeded his request.

When he passed away at the age of 92, Peter left the property to CELT to own and care for in perpetuity. CELT Board President, Elizabeth Goodspeed, said, “We are honored and grateful that Peter chose CELT as the perpetual steward of this special property. His vision for Turkey Hill was that it remain a resource to be used for community good. The CELT Board is working closely with the community to make sure that vision becomes a reality.”

Located off of Old Ocean House Road, Turkey Hill Farm consists of a 200+ year old farmhouse and barn, surrounded by formerly active farmland plus eight acres of field and fifteen acres of woods. The native plants found in the fields and forests provide wildlife habitat, forage, and shelter for animals. Several fruit trees are scattered throughout the field. The property was once an active farm and orchard and was restored to commercial and nonprofit agricultural use for a variety of field crops in past years.

Peter was a true environmentalist with a demonstrated a passion for preserving open spaces and farmland. One of CELT’s 16 founding members, he generously donated a conservation easement on the surrounding fields and forest acres in 2009. This guaranteed protection of the land so that people could enjoy the trails and learn from the Turkey Hill Farm property in perpetuity. By transferring complete ownership now, Peter’s legacy assures that the property will continue to serve the community for generations to come.

“Peter loved seeing so many people enjoy the property,” said Ted Darling, a CELT advisor who worked with Peter on the original conservation easement on Turkey Hill Farm. “He knew he could rely on the land trust to maintain the farm and to carry on with worthwhile community events. He was such a kind-hearted human being.”

Members of the public are free to access the Turkey Hill Farm trails directly from Old Ocean Road, near the intersection with Trundy Road. Street parking is available on Old Ocean House Road. Please do not enter the house yard out of respect for the privacy of the tenant.

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