Cape Elizabeth Land Trust (CELT)


43.5792039, -70.2279353


This property can be accessed in four different ways (see trail map for more information):

  1. Trailhead at the end of Fenway Rd, following the Cross Town Trail. Please avoid parking in the cul-de-sac.
  2. Trailhead off Vernon Rd to Little Great Pond (between 31 Vernon Rd and 3 Gladys Rd).
  3. Trailhead at the corner of Gladys Rd and Sweet Fern Rd (between 15 Gladys Rd and 18 Sweet Fern Rd).
  4. Heading north on the Cross Town Trail, off Route 77 (across from the Kettle Cove Creamery, see Great Pond).


This parcel has 0.8 miles of public trails, including 0.1 miles of the Cross Town Trail. It is located less than 150 feet from Great Pond, providing an important buffer for Cape Elizabeth’s largest water body.

It has great scenic, wildlife, and natural resource importance. It is nearly entirely forested with two different cover types: mature spruce with some fir and maple, and hardwood with maple and birch. The north-eastern side has an alder and wetland area with a more open shrub-scrub ecosystem. Parts of that section may have been logged or farmed more recently, prior to CELT’s acquisition in 2016.


  • Stay on marked trails
  • Respect adjacent private properties
  • No motorized vehicles, fires, camping, or illegal activities onsite
  • Public access from sunrise to sunset

*Notice for Dog Owners

  • Pick up and carry out all dog waste
  • Dogs must be in sight and under control or on leash at all times

Date Protected

August 1, 2016