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Deceiving the Beavers in Robinson Woods

Oh the beaver, most industrious of the semiaquatic rodents! For many months (if not years), these residents of the pond in Robinson Woods have attempted to enhance the man-made dam by blocking the sluiceway with all manner of debris.

While this activity may seem benign, blocking the sluiceway eventually causes water to overflow other parts of the dam. If enough water breaks through, erosion weakens the dam to the point of collapse, sending the entire contents of the pond (somewhere in the ballpark of 9 million gallons) downstream. Watch out in Pond Cove!

After months of periodically clearing the dam by hand, CELT stewardship volunteers finally put an end to the struggle through a humane technological solution: The Beaver Deceiver! This device consists of metal fencing material shaped like a giant funnel and extending out into the pond on the upstream side of the sluiceway. While beavers (and other wildlife) can swim through just fine, it stops them from carrying sticks or other items along with them.

Steve Underwood filmed and edited a short video on the day of the installation. Check out our volunteers in action below!

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